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Katie Pendley- Ceramicist and Printmaker

Katie Pendley is a printmaker and ceramicist from Norman OK. Her work uses the observation of natural elements to represent her personal experiences with infertility, mental health, and sexuality. Katie has a BFA from the University of Oklahoma and works as a public librarian where she focuses on building social equity for teens. She currently holds studio space at Resonator Institute in Norman, OK.


I use my art practice to process emotions as a kind of therapy. I take elements from the natural world around me and combine them with my own experiences to tell abstract stories of grief, love, loss, turmoil, and hope. No matter the medium, repetition is my tool of choice. I find a therapeutic relief in repeating the same shapes, patterns, and motions throughout my work. Most of my work centers around years of infertility and the longing and loss of yearning to be a mother. Other topics I like to address through my work are mental health, the importance of women's rights, democratic socialism, and the complexities of bisexuality. 

CV Available Upon Request

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